Halls vs Halls quiz with MMU Futures and Residential Services summary

Before Christmas, MMU Residential Life and MMU Futures organized a Halls v Halls Christmas Quiz in the style of University Challenge. A big congratulations to our team of RAs who finished runners up. You can read about it here!

MMU Futures

Untitledby Abi Strickley, BSC(HONS) Ecology and Conservation Student

The Christmas vibe was definitely in the air as we set up the Halls V Halls quiz with MMU Futures and Residential Life. Brooks building was the perfect set up and looking very festive with a huge Christmas tree next to our quiz tables and a spread of mince pies, pizza and hot chocolate (with marshmallows… yes, marshmallows!) awaiting the student hustle.

May I just add, what a turn out! Supporters, quiz fanatics, students who happened to see the quiz and join in, hungry students looking for the pizza… who knows who was in the audience but, everyone looked like they were having a good time!

Everyone was sipping their hot chocolate as round one was unfolding. Our quiz master for the evening was the very witty Sam Illingworth who was at times baffled by some of the answers given by the teams…

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