RA Profile – Jack Dobbin

RA Name: Jack Dobbin.

Hometown:    Moneyglass.

Course and year of study: Computer Games Technology Third Year.

Accommodation: Cambridge halls

I wanted to become an RA because: During my first year living in Cavendish halls, I found myself acting as an RA to friends of mine who hadn’t settled well in university. I found that I was quite good at helping people and giving them support when they needed it, and as the Joker said in the dark knight if your good at something never do it for free.

My favourite thing about being an RA is.   Meeting and interacting with my students. As an RA we meet so many people it can be a tad overwhelming at the start of the year, but over time you began to get used to it and settle into the role and genuinely just get along with the students you work with. The best bit of the job is just simply chatting with my students and hearing about the many stories that come out of halls. There’s always an interesting story to be heard in university halls.  

From being an RA, I have gained. My time working as an RA has been an interesting experience, from working at the reception in Grosvenor halls in my first year to dealing with messy kitchen complaints I’ve seen and heard it all. Some things I’ve gained from being an RA include Confidence in myself from interacting well with all my students and a strong sense of professionalism from working alongside the many university professionals that we interact with.

Your top tip for students in MMU accommodation: University can be a great experience and living in halls can make or break that experience. It is possible that you will may not get along with your house mates but that shouldn’t bother you, go meet other flat mates, join a society and explore the city. You will be living in the heart of Manchester, with no lack of opportunity’s or things to do. Enjoy the experience, but remember don’t lose your head – it’s easy to lose yourself in the city!



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