RA Profile – Kishan Mathy

Name: Kishan Mathy

Hometown: London

Course and year of study: Law year 3

Accommodation: Birley


I wanted to become an RA because….

This role stood out to me, because I wanted to stand out in my applications for a graduate job. Despite the varying sectors, a common theme runs across all forms of recruitment and that is ‘Can You Stand Out?’. Almost everyone at university will have had a part-time job, but I wanted to have something on my CV, which would spark curiosity and in turn would create dialogue. Like yourselves, most people will have no idea what the role is and this is a perfect opportunity to explain your responsibilities and align them with the key skills that you will undoubtedly develop. I strongly believe that this job prepares you unlike any for life after university.


My favourite thing about being an RA is…

Being able to meet a wide variety of individuals with unique and interesting personalities. The team of RA’s, management and the students you will be looking after, provides a pool of diverse personalities, whom you won’t typically get a chance to interact with. I have learned so much from so many different people and even shared in their interests, which I would have normally never even thought about trying. As a result, it has helped me to learn more about myself and become more open-minded. There’s a big wide world out there and hiding in your confines and comfort zone means that you’re missing out!


From being an RA, I have gained…

A strong understanding of key skills and abilities, but also examples of how I have demonstrated them. This is imperative when applying for any job. Employers want to see, if you have the skills they need and listing them will not suffice – you must give evidence of when you demonstrated them. Alongside doing the job, the training has helped me to reflect back on what I have done and connect this to the skills that employers are looking for. I now possess a bank of experiences that I can use to demonstrate multiple skills. Also, these experiences will not usually be what employers are use to hearing and will definitely ensure that you stand out from the crowd.


Your favourite place in Manchester/Crewe…

I would say Trafford Centre. I instantly aligned with it, because it is similar to the shopping centres in London and there is so much more to do other than just shopping. Sometimes, I struggled with not having much to do in Manchester, in comparison to back home, so the Trafford Centre was a great escape from reality.


Your top tip for students in MMU accommodation…

Use your RAs almost like a concierge service. We have various departments within the university constantly telling us about all the things going on around the university and beyond. We can be a great source of information if you utilise it, so my top tip would be simply to ask. After all we are there to help you make the best out of your time at university.


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