RA Profile – Tendai



Name: Tendai Chinosengwa

Hometown: Leicester

Course and year of study: 3

Accommodation: Birley Dale

I chose to become an RA because I wanted to meet a range of new people while helping students through a major transition in their lives. I also wanted to do this role because of Residential Life’s emphasis on building a community and helping residents feel like they are at home. I wanted the opportunity to create events and run these events without supervision.

My favourite thing about being an RA is finding out more about the experiences of other students and working with a team of likeminded people. As an RA, you meet people that have similar interests to you and support you in what you do. Helping residents and building a community is a rewarding experience because it makes you feel like you have made a difference to someone’s life.

From being an RA, I have gained adaptable interpersonal skills; I am able to speak to a range of people without being nervous. I have also gained the ability to manage my time effectively and trust my own initiative. The experience of being an RA has developed my problem-solving skills. Like in any other job, I have encountered challenges. However, I have learnt how to overcome these challenges effectively and make careful decisions. With a team of 15 people, I have also gained the ability to respect the different ways in which people lead in certain situations. This role teaches you how to be organized, responsible, creative, compassionate and cost effective.

My favourite place in Manchester is Home Sweet Home! They do a mean American breakfast and the portion sizes give me life. Putting food aside, I would have to say Birley is one of my favourite places. This accommodation has the greatest sense of community, and everyone interacts with everyone. This is crucial on my part because it means you do not feel alone, there is always someone and something there for you.

My top tip for students in MMU accommodation is make sure you have fun, be yourself and do not be afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone! The worst thing that anyone can do to themselves is not do something they wanted to do. Do not be afraid to take a loss because at the end of the day a loss is a learning gain.





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