RA Blog – Laura

Name: Laura McCutcheon

Hometown: Lincoln

Course and year of study: Primary Education, year 2

Accommodation: All Saints Living, Cambridge

 I wanted to become an RA because….

As soon as I heard about the RA position I applied ASAP. It sounded like my kind of job because I’m pretty outgoing and love making new friends and having a chat. I also really wanted to stay in accommodation because I enjoyed it so much in first year because it is so social. Also, because of my course is quite full on, it was nice to be so close to University so I could attend my lectures everyday!

My favourite thing about being an RA is…

Getting to meet loads of new people and helping them through one of the best experiences of their lives! Although I have moved around a lot, I did spend my high school years in quite a small town so it was a bit daunting coming to Manchester so I knew exactly how people were feeling. I love going out and socialising, so it was nice to be able to help fresher’s find which pubs and clubs they would like to experience first. I also know how people feel if they have any problems with anything relating to University life, I like being an RA because I’m able to help (even if its only a little bit) and to make someone feel comfortable and as if they have someone to talk to is one of the best feelings.

From being an RA, I have gained…

I can be a bit ditzy so my organisational skills have been improved beyond belief! I have gained so many new friends and the whole RA team are really fun to be around when we meet up for training days and everything else. Although I was already outgoing, its boosted my confidence as a person to just get on with my job and see if people need any help. It can feel a bit scary in the first few weeks as you try to talk to all your flats and let them know that you’re just here to help and be a connection between them and all saints living and also a friendly face for them to talk to about anything concerning them that’s effecting their experience at university. At this time in the year, you have formed relationships with a lot of your students so its something you look forward to doing each week! Being an RA also allows you to run different events for students to be able to socialise, so they’re really fun to be able run!

Your favourite place in Manchester

I love the city centre! It’s so lively and busy and there’s always something to do! I also love going down curry mile or down to Fallowfield to meet some of my other friends and find some small restaurant to eat in. I love the whole of Manchester and am definitely thinking of staying past university. It’s definitely a city that never sleeps and I love that.

Your top tip for students in MMU accommodation…

  1. Buy doorstops for when you move into student accommodation. Then as soon as you move in, and for the next couple of days, prop your door open so you can meet your flatmates as they go past. The first week in student accommodation can be quite crazy, and I swear your never sleep, but its so fun and worth it.
  2. I’m so lazy with cleaning, but I try and make an extra effort to at least clean my dishes and store them away ASAP. There’s nothing worst than mouldy dishes that someone has forgotten about. You have to remember that you’re living in shared accommodation and everyone has their preferences, so it’s nice to think of other people and clean up after yourself.
  3. Try every club and pub at least once! It’s taken me to my second year to find my favourite place, which happens to be just 2 minutes walk from all saints, and I love going there to socialise with my friends, and funnily enough the friends I’ve made from just going there every week! But in your first year, its just nice to experience everything that Manchester has to offer in nightlife (but stay safe!)
  4. Ask questions! Ask questions to the reception staff, ask questions to the RA’s just don’t be afraid. If we don’t know we can always find out for you and drop you an email so don’t worry. I always feel much better once I know the answers to things concerning where I’m living or even my course so go ahead, it’s what we’re here for!
  5. Don’t worry. University is the best experience, you will meet the best people, have the most amazing time, be one step closer to your future goals and have fun while you do it. If it was up to me I’d never leave, but I’m sure I won’t be saying that next year when I’m ready for the reality of a full time job.

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