Meet Tom – All Saints RA

This week we’ve been speaking to our RA Tom, from All Saints Student Living. Here is his Q and A about his experience at University and top tips for new and current students 🙂


1.       Were you nervous coming to university? How did you overcome this?


For me the entirety of applying to university and getting accepted took place so fast I didn’t have time to get nervous. The nerves hit in as soon as I pulled off the Mancunian way and I could see the building ‘Cambridge Halls’, which I would be calling my home for the next year (and another year or two after that).

When it came to overcoming these nerves, all I did was bite the bullet and dove straight in with two feet. Having arrived in my flat and unpacked the car, said goodbye to the parents I sat on my bed and waited, wondered if I’d made the right choice. Not that this lasted too long as my soon to be best friend came bouncing in with his DSLR swinging around his neck and demanded I got in a picture with him. From that moment the nerves just melted away!


  1. What was your experience like moving into your accommodation?


Moving into accommodation was stressful to say the least, it felt like it was either chaos or a finely tuned machine and I don’t believe anyone knew which! Having said that, I made it to my room and unpacked, so something was done right I guess.


  1. If you were creating a university survival pack, what one thing would you pack and why?


Tea Bags, and I’m not talking the own brand ones… I’m talking about the ones which your grandmother has, those she had when you went round for a cup of tea with her. These are great for when you’re feeling homesick, and for when you want a cup of tea.



  1. How have you found the past year living in Manchester and studying at MMU?


AWESOME! Living in Manchester was the best decision of my life, studying an Art Degree for me was not a great choice at first, but coming to Manchester was. I’ve met so many awesome people, got to see so many cultural things, oh, and the Christmas markets! My friend Josh summed Manchester up very well recently with the quote ‘It’s like the south, with all the same things on offer as London, but it’s full of northerners’.


  1. If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to make friends at university, what would it be?


Calm Down, Be Yourself. Every year you find freshers coming to university wondering if people will like them for who they are and they try and re-invent themselves, this is not needed. With the sheer volume of societies on offer at MMU I’m sure you will find a group of people with whom you will fit in with!


  1. Where is your favourite place in Manchester?


My favourite place in Manchester is The Northern Quarter. This is because it is wacky, unique and alternative. To me. this is what makes Manchester what it is, it’s got all the lovely old buildings, some great bars and live music venues. Along with many, many, many great shops… such as Affleck’s Palace.


  1. If you could relive the last academic year, would you change anything?


No, this is a question I wonder to myself periodically and I often find myself playing the what if game. Then I realised, I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not made the mistakes I made last year, and I like where I am now… so I wouldn’t change a thing.


  1. What are you looking forward to in the next academic year?


I’m not sure, your time at university is busy and hectic. There’s always something on, to do, to attend. So there is nothing in particular that I am looking forward to, as there is so much to choose from.


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