RA Profiles – Chloe


Name: Chloe Howard

Hometown: Manchester

Course and year of study: Social Work – Fifth year

Accommodation: Daisy Bank

I wanted to become an RA because…. I love helping people! As I am a fifth year student, I have been through many years of living away from home and I understand the difficulties of moving away (even if it is down the road!). Moving away from home can be full of emotion and it is nice to have someone there to support you. I wanted to become an Advisor because I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. I really enjoy talking to people and the RA role has given me the chance to meet a wide range of people. I love listening to people and helping if somebody has a problem and wants to talk about it. It is a nice job to be able to sometimes just to sit back and listen to other people’s experiences.

My favourite thing about being an RA is… you get to meet students and hear their stories, which can be funny! This job allows you to be proactive; you get to work with other RA’s and spend time with positive people that share your values. From my experience of being an RA, you become good friends with other members of the team and receive amazing support, not only in work but also outside; it is like a big family! I think my favourite thing about being an RA is the welcome weekend, it’s the chance to welcome new students to halls, show them what university is about and make them feel comfortable settling in, which is important as different people adapt in different ways. The job in general is extremely flexible and as I am in my fifth year the jobs fits perfectly with allowing me time for my studies, socialising, hobbies and other work.

From being an RA, I have gained… loads of great experience to put on my CV! I am leaving university this year and to have two years of working for the university as an RA on my CV will be helpful for applying for jobs. It has already helped me! Through my two years of being an RA I have met so many wonderful people, created loads of memories, worked as part of a supportive team, made some great friends and learnt a lot about myself. I have gained new skills in this job role. I have time management skills, organisational skills and the ability to communicate well. Most importantly, I now have the ability to work well in a team; something that will help me in the future in and outside work.

Your favourite place in Manchester/Crewe… I am from Manchester so I have explored many great places but I would have to say some of my favourite places are in the northern quarter – the food and drinks are amazing and have unusual cafes/fairs/bars! I also enjoy discovering new places and going out in castle field as its super cheap! I also love the Chill Factore – snowboarding is the best way to chill out!

Your top tip for students in MMU accommodation… I would say make sure you know what to bring – do not assume that everything is provided! So make sure you check the website beforehand so you can prepare. I know how overwhelming fresher’s week can be but I would say to know where support is provided and how to access it – as you may not need it at the start of the year or perhaps never but maybe someone you know will and it’s always good to be able to let them know where they can go. A biggie is knowing the boundaries of being respectful in halls and having fun – it’s easy to forget you’re in halls! Everyone at some point feels scared to go to University halls and it is important to remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat and it is not strange to feel nervous, just be yourself and enjoy the experience of living in student accommodation!


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