Q and A – Jack

Jack Brown

Today’s blog post if from our RA Jack. He’s already written articles about our partners in Greater Manchester Police, and tips for beating homesickness. Here’s your chance to get to know him better and find out about his student journey

  1. Were you nervous coming to university? How did you overcome this?

For myself I have already been through the university process once having done a year at another university, which later, turned out that the course I was doing simply wasn’t for me (which happens to thousands of students across the system – believe me!). Looking back to my first ever time at university, it was an extremely daunting experience! Having been thrown into what seemed like oblivion, having to make the effort to make new friends and get to grips with the different style of learning was challenging enough – making this harder knowing that I was on a course I didn’t particularly like…

Between leaving the university and studying at MMU, I decided to take some time out and worked at John Lewis then Waitrose holding a variety of responsibility and roles. Here I found a passion for business. I did some research and found the the MMU business school has a brilliant reputation where the teaching style, work ethic and Graduates into work success is recognised across the industry.

Again, moving to a different University was daunting again… Having to go through the same process, but I soon settled in made some good friends. What struck me the most was the size of the lecture theatres with 100+ students in there at anyone time. But this is the foundations for the tutorials. Here classes are condensed down and you are able to ask more questions, do group work and, of course, interact more with your fellow students.

Soon settled and was getting good grades within the work I was doing… So I was doing something right!

  1. What was your experience on moving into Halls?

Again, as this is my second time moving into halls my first experience was completely different. At my previous university I chose to stay in a large halls which had corridors of 30 rooms all with ensuite, we did get treated well as we were catered for, had daily cleaners and our laundry done – yes that’s right! Life of luxury, better than home in fact!

I found making friends was easier as the university had only 3-4000 students with one bar/club on site (as the campus is based in the middle of no where). It did feel like a small community. However this was different at MMU.

I opted for Oxford Court mainly due to the car parking facility, en suite and unlike my previous halls – self catered which allows you more flexibility. I chose a mixed flat, and found myself living with three girls which were great! When I first arrived I was greeted with a bowl of lasagne which made me feel more at home. We got on well and I have to say it was the cleanest flat in the whole of Oxford Court!

  1. If you were creating a university survival pack, what would your most important item be and why?

Me being a clean freak – a cleaning kit… Probably not on everyone’s priority list, but If I can have a clean and tidy space it allows me concentrate, study and work better.

Not forgetting stationary, books, notepads and a PC – when it comes to dissertation hand – ins most of the computers will be used in the library, you definitely don’t want to be waiting around for a computer when you’re pushing to get that deadline done!

Joining the gym, ok it’s not essential, but how else are you going to burn off those extra calories?!

  1. How have you found the past year living in Manchester and studying at MMU?

I have enjoyed my first year studying in Manchester and at the university too. Manchester has lots of to offer. And there’s always lots to do, there’s various different clubs, bars and restaurants which no doubt you’ll find out during the infamous freshers week where you’ll be bombarded with offers flyers and freebies.

Take advantage of the sports clubs and social societies available to you, I play water polo for the university. I found this is great way to make friends and take your mind off work.

  1. If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to make friends at university, what would it be?

Throw yourself into the deep end no matter how difficult I can be. At the end of the day everyone is in the same boat, your flat mates may be shy at the time and feel exactly the same as you. Organise a day or night out so that you can get to know one another.

As previously stated, I highly recommend joining a club or society, the students who are part of them will share similar interests as you do!

  1. Where is your favourite place in Manchester?

Besides the library… Probably a split between Spinningfields (which is the posh part of the city) and then the northern quarter of the city, it’s very diverse and you can find some great shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

  1. If you could relive the last year, would you change anything?

I don’t think I’d change anything! I had a great time with some great people!

  1. What are you looking forward to in the next academic year?

I’m looking forward to my new subjects particularly the module of enterprise and entrepreneurialism. And also becoming a Residential Advisor!



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