New Student? Learn about Res Life.

Joining MMU accommodation is the start of something very exciting. You will become a part of a much bigger, supportive, fun and caring community.



Residential Life has its origins in the USA and arises from the identification that the aspects that are non-academic can be as important (if not more) to a student’s education as the academic ones.

At ResLife we believe in making the most of any university experience, this mean learning about communal living, how to look after oneself and developing a sense of belonging. This sense of being in the right place emerges by getting to know the local area and getting involved in activities across the university.

In the academic year 2014/15, the Residential Life system was trialed at the new MMU Birley campus as well as Daisy Bank and Crewe, with senior students living alongside undergraduates fulfilling the role of Residential Advisors (RAs). The RAs are there to promote and support a student led approach to community to welfare, supported by the best in sector Security, Welfare and Facilities management. Following the success of the system in the in the consultation year, Residential Life has now been rolled out to all university owned accommodation.

You will find out more about ResLife when you arrive! We very much look forward to welcoming you all in September. Make sure you follow us on our  Facebook and Twitter for more information.

The Res Life Team






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