Tired of the Library? Manchesters top Revision Spots

Yes, it’s that time again… It always seems to come round so quick! No not Christmas, But, the joyous occasion of exams and revision stresses. Hair may be pulled out, books thrown at the wall and copious amounts of Procrastination may possibly take place. Fear not! This advice could prove useful to your good selves!


Below are some Places of Study which may help you crack that exam!


As the weather is getting warmer now you may choose to sit outside, so grab yourself a handful of revision notes and a drink. 


If you’re on or around campus there is of course the All Saints Park, sometimes busy with commuters but this could be the break from the Library you need.

Another Park close by is the one to the rear of Oxford Court located on Bonsall Street, This is a quieter park with less traffic noise too, with grassy spaces to sit down on.


There are now lots of places around the Birley Campus lots of seating and grassed areas too.


If you’re planning on staying in the city and can put up with the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly gardens you could read some notes here. If you’re super savvy, you could even get yourself a myWaitrose Card, where you can pick up a FREE daily coffee – Students Dream! (Piccadilly station or Spinningfields)


If the Weather is not too brilliant (as it often is) There are plenty of places to revise and (potentially) de – stress… 


The Library of course, there are a number of quiet zones to get your head down and do some work second, third and fourth floors are generally the quietist.


Your room, if you’re comfortable and work best here, then do so! Although, try and eliminate the distractions such as a TV, Games console etc. I strongly recommend staying away from lying on the bed, research has shown that your brain starts to shut down when lying in a comfortable places reducing what you are learning.


There are a load of other spaces you can use around the campus. I recommend that you go off and explore some locations to find some comfortable places of study (within reason). The art school has a garden terrace on the fourth floor too.

Art School

Somewhere other than the Campus?


Coffee Shops are always a winner, generally free wifi, food, snacks, tea and coffee to hand, whats more to love? Locations? –  Everywhere, Eros Coffee shops around the campus, Starbucks Oxford Road, Costa Oxford road, Moose Coffee (a bit closer to the city centre),  and plenty of others around the city.

Moose Coffee


Aside from our library, there’s also the John Rylands library on Deansgate, Chethams library by Victoria Station and the Manchester Library in St Peters Square. All three are open to the public and are great spaces to do a bit of studying.


HOME – this is located on First Street, A short walk from New Medlock Residence. Recently opened £25 million building based around the Arts industry, there is a cinema, art exhibitions, restaurant and coffee shop and Theatres. You could do some revision in the coffee shop, then go and watch a film as a reward?


Northern Quarter – Generally, always a hit with students – located at the north of the city (of course) it boasts a wide array of independent eateries, quirky coffee shops and bars such as TeaCup. There’s also Ziferblat café – where instead of paying for food and drink, you pay for your time in the café by the minute.


On Stretford Road, by Birley Reception, there’s also Grano café next to the Co – op which accepts the MetCard.


Other Advice 


It may sound like I’m trying to teach you how to suck eggs, however, this one shouldn’t be so hard –  SLEEP! Get plenty of rest, all that information you’re trying to cram into your brain can literally fry it! Give yourself breathing space and allow your brain to process all those thoughts and messages.


I also don’t recommend revising for hours on end, my previous school teacher who was working with the University of Nottingham recommended, revising in bite size chunks of no more than 20 – 30 minutes at a time, then give yourself a break to let your brain process whats (hopefully) gone in.


Exercise is also important. Sitting down for hours on end looking at paper, drawings, screens and notes will not do your body many favours. You could go to the gym, go for a jog, run or walk. when done, you’ll feel much better and more energised for the next round of revision.


Last of All! Good Luck!



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