Meet Matt – The new intern for Residential Life

Why did you want to join the Residential Life team?

I wanted to join the Residential Life team because I know how important Residential Life (and models like it) are in making a university a home. When I first joined MMU, there was no Residential Life but I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to study abroad at Flinders University of South Australia. The student accommodation I lived in while I was there used a Residential Life Model and I felt like I was part of something. I felt so at home, even though I was on the other side of the world. We had tutors (RAs) who really looked after me during my time there and we had events like food fights, outdoor cinemas and trips to the beach. When I saw that Residential Life was coming to MMU I was so excited because I knew how beneficial this system is to student welfare. Then I saw that I had the chance to be a part of it and I knew that this was the job for me!

What do you want to get out of an MMU internship?

In a word: experience. An internship can give you invaluable experience to kick-start your career. I studied English and although I did well, I found it hard to make the experience from my degree relevant to jobs in Events Management and Marketing. An MMU Internship bridges that gap between your studies and working life, giving you all the experience potential employers may want.

What is the best part of working for Residential Life?

The team. Every member plays a valuable part in making Residential Life a success: I am so pleased to be part of such a hardworking, thoughtful, and resourceful department and I think Residential Life would not be a success if it were not for the amazing work of Anest, Adam, Dan, Jess, Paula and Pauline. I also work very closely with the Student Living team – who are a great support to Res Life.

In addition to that, I also love the variety in the job: no two days are the same. I think it is so rare to find an entry-level job that offers so much freedom. I have learnt so much already and I cannot wait to learn more.

What are you most looking forward to?

The RA training week! Last year’s training week looked like so much fun and it would be great to get to know all the future RAs and Team leaders.

I am also excited to keep working on the social media pages and continuing all of Dan’s great work.

What have you most enjoyed so far?

I really enjoyed doing the RA recruitment day. I loved meeting all of the candidates and assisting the team with the recruitment process. More generally, I have enjoyed becoming part of the MMU community. The university is so vibrant and student-focused; I cannot believe how much is on offer to both students and staff.


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